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Mechanical specifications

Printing: Web Offset. Column width 1.93”, 214 lines per column, 5 columns per page. Line Screen: 85. File format: PDF.

Publishing Calendar 2023

January 11 • 25

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Closing date

Das Journal is published every 2nd Wednesday. Ad Material deadline: Friday prior, 12:00 noon. Any ads to be pub-set and/or translated: 1 week prior to insertion. To translate and/or design an ad may require some additional charges.

Legal disclaimer

If Das Journal is involved in any way whatsoever in the design and composition of the advertisement of the advertiser, then the advertiser agrees that it will not publish the advertisement in any other publication without the prior consent of Das Journal. Das Journal is not responsible for claims guarantees or offers by its advertisers. Nor is Das Journal responsible for third party copyright infringements by its advertisers.

Terms of payment

For single insertions the invoice is payable when the ad is booked. Das Journal accepts all major credit cards. All rates quoted are net, without agency commission.